If you are considering immigrating to Canada, your first step is to acknowledge that it will not be easy.

Immigrating is a huge and very brave decision, that leaves your life split into a time before and after immigration. That is why you must gather as much information as possible about the country you plan to call your new home.

If you do come up with the decision to move to the Maple Leaf country, pay close attention to all the required documents in order to efficiently summarize your noteworthy achievements. Keep in mind that credential assessments from your point of view and those of Immigration authorities might be completely different. It is indeed a harsh and long way to obtain Permanent Status Residency, and unfortunately, not all applicants are accepted.

Once you have made up your mind, you should then decide whether you will take care of the application process yourself or hire a specialist. If you prefer the second option, be very careful in choosing your representative.

It is very important to know that only authorized members in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council can represent you and act on your behalf.

Be aware of con artists and frauds. The agreement between you and your authorized legal representative is your guarantee and, if the Immigration Consultant fails to perform his or her duties, that person will be punished and even revoked from the Counsel.

If you use “an agent “outside the territory of Canada, where the Canadian legislation is powerless, be aware of fraud or unqualified advisers, even imposters, since in that case only you are responsible for all the information in your application, even if your representative completes it for you. Don’t forget to check the Immigration Consultant status on “The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council”  website.

Most importantly: learn the local languages – English and French!

In addition, you must not only learn the languages, but rather prepare yourself for serious exams and tests. Your language proficiency results are taken into serious consideration by the Canadian Immigration Officer.


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